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Durée :

1h 28min

Date de sortie :

August 2006

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On the Edge (2006) Origine : Hong Kong

Réalisé par : Herman Yau
Ecrit par : , ,
After working as an undercover in a triad for 8 years, Sheng finally arrests the triad leader and resumes his duties as a police officer. However, life does not return to normal as he is faced with suspicions colleagues and even trailed by the investigations team. One day, he meets some triad members whom he has earlier befriended as an undercover agent and is forced into a corner when asked to collaborate with them once again.


  • Nick Cheung
  • Francis Ng
  • Anthony Wong
  • Rain Li
  • Derek Tsang
  • Calvin Poon
  • Lester Chan
  • King-Man Chik
  • Pauline Yam
  • Sau-Ming Tsang

  • Eddie Pang
  • Ming-Sing Wong
  • Y.Y. Lam
  • Wong Ting Pong
  • Sze-Ming Lu
  • Frankie Chin

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