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A.D.3 operazione squalo bianco

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Titre original :

A.D.3 operazione squalo bianco

Durée :

1h 22min

Date de sortie :

December 1966

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Operation White Shark (1966) Origine : Italy

When "The Third Eye" - a criminal organization made up of the world's most vicious killers - kidnaps nuclear scientist Professor Von Kraft, his secret formula for a new atomic weapon that can destroy all human life falls into their evil hands. Making things a tad difficult, however, is that the weapon is located deep beneath the ocean. Nevertheless, the Third Eye plans on experimenting with the device in little more than a week. However, the Secret Service has other ideas and asks "Jerry," their super computer, to locate the best man to stop them: Mark Andrews (RODD DANA), a special forces secret agent who infiltrates the criminal gang under the cover of a robber who just happens to be an expert underwater diver! He also wastes no time romancing all manner of shapely women in the tightest clothes imaginable (when they're wearing more than a modestly placed bed sheet) especially JANINE REYNAUD, the bisexual leader of The Third Eye, who sports a wild wardrobe of very revealing outfits.


  • Rod Dana
  • Franca Polesello
  • Janine Reynaud
  • Francesco Mulè

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