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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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Titre original :

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

Date de sortie :

January 1985

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2017-05-07 22:06:16 Maj film

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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1985) Origine : United States of America Origine : Canada

Réalisé par : Douglas Williams
Ecrit par :
Caught in a future world, his only escape is back in time
Raul Julia plays Aram Fingal, a very intelligent computer programmer and a very bored man in the employ of Novicorp, a mega-corporation that exists somewhere in the future. When caught watching "Casablanca" at his desk, Fingal is required to undergo rehabilitation therapy called "doppling." However, Fingal's body is misplaced and he is transferred into a computer while the body is located


  • Raúl Juliá
  • Linda Griffiths
  • Donald Moore

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