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Party Girl

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Titre original :

Party Girl

Durée :

1h 34min

Date de sortie :

June 1995

Budget (en $) :

150 000

Recette (en $) :

472 000

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Party Girl (1995) Origine : United States of America

Although Mary has little income, she still finds ways to spend her nights at clubs. After being arrested for throwing an illegal rave, she asks her aunt Judy for bail money. Judy then finds Mary a job at her library so that Mary can repay her. Initially, Mary finds the job as a clerk boring and stifling, and prefers to get to know a street food vendor whom she likes. However, Mary must refocus her life once she loses her job and apartment.


  • Parker Posey
  • Liev Schreiber
  • Anthony DeSando
  • Guillermo Díaz
  • Donna Mitchell
  • Sasha von Scherler

  • Richard Topol
  • Simon Verhoeven
  • Lum Chang Pang

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