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Sa Aking Mga Kamay

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Titre original :

Sa Aking Mga Kamay

Date de sortie :

March 1996

Dernière mise à jour de la fiche :

2016-07-03 01:31:37 Maj film

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Sa Aking Mga Kamay (1996) Origine : Philippines

Joven dela Rosa is an NBI officer who investigates The Catleya Killer case perpetrated by a man who preys married women. The killer tortures his victim to death and disposes the body at the sidewalk during night time. However, as Joven gets busy solving the case, he gets to spend lesser time with his wife Camille, who met a handsome man named Gene Rivera. Camille finds Gene’s mysteriousness attractive. But behind Gene’s good looks is a man haunted by his past which keeps him from committing violence against women. How soon will Joven figure out that the man behind the heinous crimes has already penetrated to his household?


  • Christopher de Leon
  • Chin Chin Gutierrez
  • Aga Muhlach
  • Kier Legaspi
  • Karl Angelo Legaspi
  • Mae-ann Adonis
  • Amy Austria
  • Robert Arevalo
  • Rachel Lobangco
  • Teresa Loyzaga
  • Tess Dumpit
  • Rosemarie Gil
  • Ramil Rodriguez
  • Romeo Rivera
  • Orestes Ojeda
  • Stefano Mori
  • Tata Melendez
  • Cris Michelena
  • Tracy Montelibano
  • Manny Mendoza
  • Zafey Alonzo
  • Shannen Torres
  • Patricia Ann Bermudez
  • Archie Adamos
  • Japh Bahian
  • Eddie Albert Ramos
  • Princess Ann Schuck
  • Noel Sandoval
  • Jojo Lopez
  • Nido De Jesus
  • Maureen Mendoza
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