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Sette contro tutti

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Titre original :

Sette contro tutti

Date de sortie :

August 1965

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2017-01-29 06:29:46 Maj film

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Sette contro tutti (1965) Origine : Italy

The ruthless Roman tribune, Vadio, joins forces with the evil Morakeb to take over the throne of Aristea, usurping King Krontal and stealing away his lovely daughter in the process. Meanwhile, Marco Aulo, now a Roman centurion, comes to Aristea to learn where his legions war funds have gone. Vadio has him framed for treason and is thrown into the arena to fight a group of six formidable gladiators. During the fights, Marco refuses to kill those he defeats until finally, he himself loses after exhaustion takes its toll. Admiring this man, the six warriors join him and together they escape Vadio's clutches and plot to free the kingdom from the two conspiring killers.


  • Roger Browne
  • José Greci
  • Alfio Caltabiano
  • Harold Bradley
  • Mario Novelli
  • Erno Crisa
  • Carlo Tamberlani
  • Arnaldo Fabrizio
  • Pietro Tordi
  • Jeff Cameron
  • Pietro Ceccarelli
  • Dakar
  • Dr. Bill Miller
  • Aldo Pini
  • Ugo Sasso
  • Pietro Torrisi
  • Nazzareno Zamperla

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