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Отряд особого назначения

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Titre original :

Отряд особого назначения

Durée :

1h 16min

Date de sortie :

June 1978

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Special forces unit (1978) Origine : Soviet Union

Intelligence-diversionary group of athletes who know how to shoot snipers, run, jump, feel free in the water and under water, to withstand the monstrous load of hand-to-hand fights, will be able to reach the goal only going together, passing the task as a relay. Seven of them. Among them is a girl swimmer. It will be the most difficult, the last stage of the journey. The plot is based on the real facts of the great Patriotic war.


  • Leonhard Merzin
  • Pavel Remezov
  • Uldis Pūcītis
  • Elgudzha Burduli
  • Sergei Ivanov
  • Marina Troshina
  • Yuri Puzyryov
  • Uldis Lieldidžs
  • Oļģerts Kroders
  • Oleg Fedulov

  • Vladimir Zharikov
  • Valeriy Poletayev
  • Aleksandr Tartyshnikov
  • Arkadiy Sviderskiy
  • Leonid Shumskiy
  • Yuri Muravitsky

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