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Oan Hồn

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Titre original :

Oan Hồn

Durée :

2h 0min

Date de sortie :

May 2004

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Spirits (2004)

Réalisé par : Victor Vũ
This story is divided in three chapters. 1) "The Visitor": The drifter writer Tran Thanh Loc arrives in an old house and is lodged by the gorgeous Hoa. Along the days, he falls in love for her and discloses the truth about the hostess. 2) "Only Child": Loc is sick, totally disconnected of the world, but his nurse Linh heals him. He writes the best-seller The Visitor about his relationship with Hoa and becomes a successful writer. He proposes and marries Linh, but when he decides to have a baby, Linh is haunted by her hidden obscure past. 3) "The Diviner": Linh's parents send the fraudulent diviner Lan to use her pretentious knowledge of Feng Shui to help Loc, and she sees ghost in the house. Her son and aspirant writer Bao does not believe on his mother until he finds a surprising secret about Loc.


  • Tang Hue Chi
  • Catherine Ai
  • Tuan Cuong
  • Mai Thy Dao
  • Megan Le
  • Kathy Uyen
  • Kathleen Luong

  • Đặng Hùng Sơn
  • Megan Le
  • Megan Lee
  • Megan Le

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