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1h 35min

Date de sortie :

July 2011

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2018-05-16 13:42:08 Maj film

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Spots (2011) Origine : Croatia

Ecrit et réalisé par : Aldo Tardozzi
Lana (17) is a girl from an average Zagreb family. She‘s getting ready to spend the night with her boyfriend Igor (25). On their way to the concert they decide to make love in a taxi owned by Igor‘s friend. This should‘ve been Lana‘s first time. Things went wrong when their intimate encounter got interrupted by the noises from another taxi. There was a robbery and attempted murder going on. Lana wanted to stop their love game, but Igor has forced her to continue. Lana ran away from him and met Irena (17) in a nightclub, a troubled girl who‘s been spending the night in search for drugs. A series of circumstances join Lana and Irena together while they wander the city.


  • Iskra Jiršak
  • Nika Mišković
  • Živko Anočić
  • Goran Grgić
  • Sanja Vejnović

  • Višnja Babić

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