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Teen Devian

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Titre original :

Teen Devian

Durée :

2h 3min

Date de sortie :

January 1965

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Teen Devian (1965)

Réalisé par : Amarjeet
Ecrit par : ,
Devdutt Anand works in a company selling musical instruments, and is always late for work, infuriating his boss, I.S. Johar. Things change for the better when Johar finds out that Devdutt has a talent for writing poems, and he gets Devdutt to write and even gets them published for him. While traveling home by bus, he meets with Nanda, who has come to live in his neighborhood, and both are attracted to each other. One night Devdutt comes to the assistance to Bollywood movie actress Kalpana when her car breaks down, she finds out he is a poet and both are attracted to each other. Devdutt is asked to deliver a piano to the palatial house of a wealthy woman named Simi alias Radha Rani. She too is impressed by Devutt's poems and invites him over to her house for a party, and again both are attracted to each other. Knowing fully well that he cannot marry three women in his country, a tortured and uncertain Devdutt must now make up his mind as who he wants as his life-partner.


  • Dev Anand
  • Nanda
  • Kalpana Mohan
  • Simi Garewal
  • Harindranth Chattopadhyaya
  • Sulochana

  • Jankidas
  • Ameen Sayani

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