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Terrifying Tales

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Titre original :

Terrifying Tales

Date de sortie :

April 1989

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Terrifying Tales (1989) Origine : United States of America

Terrifying Tales contains three independently-produced shorts running about 20 minutes apiece. Only one of the three; Paul Bunnell's "Final Destination: Unknown" (copyrighted 1989), is actually horror. The other two; Armand Garabidian's "Ten Seconds to Countdown" (copyrighted 1986) and Ephraim Schwartz's "Creatures of Habit" (also 1986), are, respectively, science fiction and drama with only slight mystery components. The three used here are connected only in that they were shorts made by UCLA graduate students. Sadly, none of them is very good. The opening title screens and closing credits have been left intact for each.


  • Christine Warner
  • Andrew Magarian
  • Lisa Fuller
  • James R. Sweeney
  • George Dickerson
  • Linda Nichols

  • Craig Dalton
  • John Bluto
  • Suzanne Hartman

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