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Terror Faces Magoo

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Titre original :

Terror Faces Magoo

Durée :

0h 7min

Date de sortie :

July 1959

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Terror Faces Magoo (1959) Origine : United States of America

Mr. Magoo is watching a TV program named "Home Roam" which examines the homes of various families and subsequently learns that he and Waldo have been scheduled to air on tonight's broadcast. Magoo proceeds to show the cameramen the various rooms and exhibits of his house. Unfortunately, his publicity is threatened by a burglar and his trained gorilla who break into Magoo's house and attempt to rob it. Of course, Magoo doesn't notice the gorilla (he even mistakes it for Waldo) and reassures the cameramen that Waldo will be all right even if he does have "the manners of a gorilla".


  • Jim Backus
  • Daws Butler

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