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Des kleinen Lokführers große Fahrt

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Titre original :

Des kleinen Lokführers große Fahrt

Durée :

1h 4min

Date de sortie :

December 1978

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The Big Ride of a Little Train Driver (1978) Origine : Germany

Réalisé par : Hans Werner
Ecrit par : ,
Six years old Dirk wants to be a train driver, just like his grandfather. He is seriously impressed with all of the exciting rides through the desert and the mountains, of which the old man told. If you want to bulk, you must start small. So Dirk goes every day to the railway embankment and “monitored” the track. But his friends doubt that his grandpa all of these adventures has also experienced really and that Dirk is riding on a real locomotive. He is unsure of. However, the concerns dissipate quickly, as he goes with the grandfather on a long journey.


  • Maik Saewert
  • Franziska Jahn
  • Erwin Geschonneck
  • Petra Hinze

  • Lutz Riemann

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