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The Bubble

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The Bubble

Date de sortie :

November 1999

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2017-10-12 08:08:15 Maj film

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The Bubble (0000) Origine : United States of America

Who caused it. Who called it. What's next.
The Bubble is coming out at a crucial time in American history. America needs a simple economics lesson on the coming crash. Tom Woods wrote a NY Times bestseller on the housing crash and now he has teamed up with experts such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, David Stockman, and Doug Casey to reveal where these financial bubbles keep coming from. The Bubble features interviews with those who actually predicted the housing crisis and recession. Austrian economists have predicted every major US crash in the last century, and they are the only ones with the insight necessary to bring us out of this economic slide. This film asks them why this crisis happened, but more importantly, why do they think the next one will be a lot worse.


  • Bill Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • George W. Bush

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