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Der Commander

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Titre original :

Der Commander

Durée :

1h 45min

Date de sortie :

April 1988

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The Commander (1988)

Réalisé par : Antonio Margheriti
Ecrit par :
Lewis Collins is back to leading mercenaries on the move in Southeast Asia. This time the cast is unusually good including Lee Van Cleef, Brett Halsey (Cop Game), Romano Puppo (Robowar), Mike Monty (Raiders of Atlantis), Bobby Rhodes (The Great Alligator), etc. Anyway, Van Cleef has Collins go on some random mission to locate a disc with all sorts of valuable crazy intelligence data on it. It just happens that Donald Pleasence, a random government official, hires another mercenary-for-hire Manfred Lehman to tag along and make sure the data ends up in the right hands. Van Cleef isn't taking any chances, and since he is crooked and murders Collins's other bosses quickly, he places Romano Puppo in the group as well to make sure the operation runs smoothly. Collins may not be too expressive but at least he seems to figure out quickly who's out to get him, so the mission continues with lots of double-crosses, twists and turns, and of course lots of explosions!


  • Lewis Collins
  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Donald Pleasence
  • Brett Halsey
  • Manfred Lehmann
  • Bobby Rhodes

  • John Steiner
  • Romano Puppo

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