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The Flint Street Nativity

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Titre original :

The Flint Street Nativity

Durée :

1h 15min

Date de sortie :

December 1999

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The Flint Street Nativity (1999) Origine : United Kingdom

Réalisé par : Marcus Mortimer, Artie Thomas
Ecrit par :
With angels crying in the toilets all because of a jealous Angel Gabriel, it could only be the eagerly awaited performance of the Primary school nativity play - this time with a twist! The UK's finest comedy actors take the leading roles as the eight year old performers. Through the inevitable mishaps, misunderstandings, young egos, fears of failure and fallings out, the children's characters evolve into mirror images of thier parents, the nativity play's audience. You'll be drawn into the amusing and enchanting worlds and minds of young children and reminisce about your own childhood performances!


  • Mark Addy
  • Mina Anwar
  • Jane Horrocks
  • Jason Hughes
  • Dervla Kirwan
  • Josie Lawrence
  • Ralf Little
  • Tony Marshall
  • Neil Morrissey
  • Julia Sawalha

  • Hywel Simons
  • Frank Skinner
  • John Thomson
  • Stephen Tompkinson
  • Kerry Joy Stewart
  • Lynn Hunter

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