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Titre original :


Durée :

1h 58min

Date de sortie :

February 1976

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The Last Tempest (1976) Origine : Hong Kong

Ecrit et réalisé par : Li Han-Hsiang
Despite Kuang Hsu's (Ti Lung) enthronement as the last reigning Emperor of China, his ability to rule effectively is overshadowed by the ever-present power of the Dowager Empress (Lisa Lu). When his attempts to reform the Imperial system are thwarted by the Dowager Empress, he attempts to curb her power. His efforts are not successful, and this failure leads directly to his own death and the end of Imperial rule in China. The Dowager Empress, though, ends her days comfortably and in peace.


  • Ti Lung
  • Lisa Lu
  • Siu Yiu
  • Ivy Ling Po
  • Miao Tian
  • Wong Yu
  • Elliot Ngok
  • Ling Yun
  • Chiang Nan
  • Chen Ping
  • Wong Ching-Ho
  • Ingrid Hu Yin-Yin
  • Ofelia Yau Wai
  • Cheng Miu
  • Ou-Yang Sha-Fei
  • Shum Lo
  • Chan Shen
  • Kwan Chung
  • Yeung Chi-Hing
  • Ting Tung
  • Lui Hung
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