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The Miracle of the Cards

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Titre original :

The Miracle of the Cards

Date de sortie :

June 2001

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2016-10-19 00:08:27 Maj film

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The Miracle of the Cards (2001) Origine : United States of America Origine : Canada

Réalisé par : Mark Griffiths
Ecrit par :
Can the whole world's prayers work a miracle?
"The Miracle of the Cards" is based on the true story of Marion Shergold and her son, Craig, an eight-year-old English boy who had a brain tumor. Several events convinced Marion that God was leading her to a cure for Craig and that the get-well cards he was receiving had the power to keep him alive, so she launched a worldwide campaign to break the Guinness record for receiving the most get-well cards. At the time, the world record seemed an impossible 1,000,265, but Craig received over 350 million cards from all over the world. Against the advice of her doctors, Marion followed one of those cards to America for Craig's miraculous cure.


  • Kirk Cameron
  • Karin Konoval
  • Catherine Oxenberg
  • Thomas Sangster
  • Peter Wingfield
  • Jeremy Guilbaut
  • Jennifer Carmichael
  • Sean Campbell
  • Bernard Cuffling
  • Chang Tseng
  • Deni DeLory
  • Michael Dobson
  • Gwenda Lorenzetti
  • Duncan Fraser
  • Anna Cummer
  • Brenda Crichlow
  • Jodelle Ferland
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Gina Chiarelli
  • Richard Thomas
  • Rick Tae
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