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Durée :

1h 27min

Date de sortie :

March 1983

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The Trail (1983)

Réalisé par : Ronny Yu
Ecrit par :
Ronny Yu's (The Bride With White Hair & Freddy Vs. Jason director) The Trail is a solid Kong horror flick from early in the guy's career. Many Hong Kong horror films from the early eighties owe a great deal to the influence of western films and this one is no exception with nods to Carpenter's The Thing and also The Exorcist.


  • Ricky Hui
  • Kent Cheng
  • Chung Fat
  • Anthony Chan
  • Tanny Tien-Ni
  • Walter Tso Tat-Wah
  • Mars

  • Addy Sung Gam-Loi
  • Miao Tien
  • Fung Fung
  • Hsiao-ling Hsu

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