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The Unicorn in the Garden

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Titre original :

The Unicorn in the Garden

Date de sortie :

September 1953

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2016-09-22 12:19:38 Maj film

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The Unicorn in the Garden (1953)

Réalisé par : William T. Hurtz
Ecrit par :
A henpecked husband sees a unicorn outside his window--or does he?
Based on James Thurber's short-story about a mild, henpecked man who, while preparing his breakfast, looks out the window and sees a unicorn eating flowers in the garden. He rushes upstairs to inform his domineering wife, and she accuses him of being crazy and threatens to have him put away. He persists that he did see a unicorn in the garden, and she phones for the authorities to come take him away. But when they arrive, with strait-jackets, they find the wife rambling and raving about seeing the unicorn, and promptly take her away.

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