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Белый рояль

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Titre original :

Белый рояль

Durée :

1h 17min

Date de sortie :

January 1968

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The White Grand Piano (1968) Origine : Tajikistan Origine : Soviet Union

Réalisé par : Mukadas Makhmudov
Ecrit par :
Musicologist Alla Arsenyeva arrives in Tadjikistan on a mission. Her goal is to find a unique white grand piano, known to be made in France in the nineteenth century. Rumours say it was last seen in the republic’s capital Dushanbe. The local authorities, however, are uncooperative and do whatever they can to thwart her efforts, attempting to make the rare instrument national property. But Alla persists, assisted by her new friends, the celebrated composer J.J. Ahmedov, his young colleague Shodi, the charming Lola and the old woman Roziya-Bibi.


  • Nina Shatskaya
  • Ruslan Akhmetov
  • Frunzik Mkrtchyan
  • Abdulkhair Kasymov
  • Tamara Kokova

  • Aleksei Smirnov

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