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Voices from the Grave

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Voices from the Grave

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1h 20min

Date de sortie :

December 2010

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Voices from the Grave (2010) Origine : United Kingdom Origine : Ireland

Réalisé par : Kate O'Callaghan
Ecrit par : ,
The story of the Northern Ireland Troubles through the unflinching testimony of two men who played key roles on opposite sides of that bloody conflict. Nearly ten years ago the two paramilitary leaders told their stories on condition that they could never be revealed while they were still alive. The stories told by the Irish Republican Army's Brendan Hughes and Ulster Volunteer Force's David Ervine tell us of the motivations of the participants, the planning of campaigns of violence, the misery of a hunger strike, the tracking and killing of informers and the duplicity that ended a conflict that had lasted too long. It is also a narrative of the fate of combatants when their wars are over.

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