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Waikiki Wedding

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Titre original :

Waikiki Wedding

Date de sortie :

March 1937

Dernière mise à jour de la fiche :

2018-02-28 16:52:56 Maj film

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Waikiki Wedding (1937) Origine : United States of America

Tony Marvin is a laid back but incredibly successful promoter and fair-haired boy for J. P. Todhunter's pineapple company located in beautiful Hawaii. He gets the company to sponsor a contest in which the winner gets a Hawaiian vacation and is obligated to write articles on the islands which, when published, will constitute a publicity coup for the company. Unfortunately, Georgia Smith, the winner, feels lonely and isolated in the Islands and wants to return to the States. With help from buddy Shad Buggle Tony tries to romantically divert Georgia without letting her know his true motivation.


  • Bing Crosby
  • Martha Raye
  • Shirley Ross
  • George Barbier
  • Leif Erickson
  • Grady Sutton
  • Granville Bates
  • Anthony Quinn
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • George Regas
  • Nick Lukats
  • Prince Leilani
  • Maurice Liu
  • Raquel Echeverría
  • Iris Yamaoka
  • Ethel Clayton
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor
  • Emma Dunn
  • Harry Tyler
  • Bob Burns
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