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Walking and Talking

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Titre original :

Walking and Talking

Durée :

1h 26min

Date de sortie :

July 1996

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Walking and Talking (1996) Origine : Germany Origine : United Kingdom Origine : United States of America

Things have been tough lately for Amelia. Her best friend moved out of the apartment, her cat got cancer, and now her best friend, Laura, is getting married. She copes with things, from the help of Andrew, Frank, Laura, and a brief romance with Bill "The Ugly Guy".


  • Catherine Keener
  • Anne Heche
  • Todd Field
  • Liev Schreiber
  • Kevin Corrigan
  • Randall Batinkoff
  • Alice Drummond

  • Lynn Cohen
  • Allison Janney
  • Amy Braverman
  • Miranda Rhyne

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