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January 1996

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2014-03-28 07:24:49 Maj film

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Wana (1996) Origine : Japan

Réalisé par : Kaizô Hayashi
In love for the first time, cases booked solidly for months and a brand new fax machine prodding his office into the nineties, down-on-his-luck private eye Maiku "Mike" Hama has the world on a string at last. Or does he? In The Trap, things are not what they seem. When a hooded stranger appears in his office with the cryptic challenge "I want you to look for me," Hama is drawn into a string of bizarre serial murders that have Yokohama's police baffled and the city terrified.


  • Akaji Maro
  • Jô Shishido
  • Shirô Sano
  • Hiro Arai
  • Tetta Sugimoto
  • Masatoshi Nagase

  • Yui Natsukawa
  • Tomoko Yamaguchi
  • Kiyotaka Nanbara

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