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Wrong World

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Wrong World

Date de sortie :

November 1985

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2017-05-15 10:44:52 Maj film

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Wrong World (1985)

Réalisé par : Ian Pringle
Ecrit par : ,
In this standard movie about a young doctor wandering across the U.S. in search of his lost ideals, Richard Moir is David Trueman, someone who has dreams of going to South America to practice medicine among the disenfranchised. Trueman does go, but after he arrives he encounters enough corruption and oppression to drive him out of there -- and into drugs. He decides to travel around the U.S., at a loss with himself and society, and eventually he meets Mary (Jo Kennedy), a young heroin addict who shares his angst about life. As the two commiserate, their bleak outlook lightens up a little, promising some fairer weather in the future. Jo Kennedy received a "Best Actress" Silver Bear award at the 1985 Berlin Film Festival for her portrayal of Mary.


  • Richard Moir
  • Jo Kennedy
  • Nick Lathouris
  • Robbie McGregor
  • Esben Storm

  • Tim Robertson

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