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Yellow Day

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Titre original :

Yellow Day

Durée :

1h 38min

Date de sortie :

December 2015

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Yellow Day (2015) Origine : United States of America

Réalisé par : Carl Lauten, Kate Morrison
Ecrit par : ,
Yellow Day chronicles a young man's life-changing and inspirational journey through the mysterious Yellow Day. To many, the Yellow Day is simply a fun day celebrating outreach at a kid's camp, but to some, God bestows visions and miracles, transforming their lives. For this young man, the Yellow Day becomes an imaginative adventure: showing him true heroes, challenging him to face his fears, find love, and inviting him to accept grace, so that he can be shaped into who he is meant to be.


  • Drew Seeley
  • Lindsey Shaw
  • Ashley Boettcher
  • Akeem Smith
  • Meagan Holder
  • G.P. Galle Jr.

  • Rose Abdoo
  • Rose Abdoo

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