6:30 (2005)

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Titre original :


Durée :

1h 18min

Date de sortie :

October 2005

Budget (en $) :

15 000
Ecrit et réalisé par : Christian Sesma

SIX-THIRTY (6:30) is the story of a rich, white, "All-American" 17 year-old named MORGAN, who has it all and loses it all in 24 hours. Morgan hails from a wealthy background. He has the affluent home, successful parents, a new S.U.V., loyal friends, is the captain of the football team and has a gorgeous girl, BRIANNA. Morgan, along with his two friends, DILLON and B.J., decide to skip school on the last day of summer and head out to the beach for a day of carefree fun in the sun. They get more than they bargain for. A seemingly perfect day at the beach becomes a twisted day of violent altercations, lucid hallucinations and unpredictable turn of events. The insatiable thirst for drugs leads Morgan, Dillon, B.J. and a shady newfound acquaintance, CALEB, across the safety of U.S. lines into the seedy underworld of Tijuana, Mexico, as the lure of cheap liquor, cheap women and high quality "meth" seduce the boys into an all night experience that will change and possibly end their lives.


  • Mike Hatton
  • Robert Castaneda

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