Amour Infinity: A Brooklyn Love Story (2000)

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Amour Infinity: A Brooklyn Love Story

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Titre original :

Amour Infinity: A Brooklyn Love Story

Durée :

1h 25min

Date de sortie :

November 2000
Réalisé par : Jerry LaMothe, Andrea Tyler
Ecrit par :

In this affecting urban drama, down-and-out single dad Derek finds himself torn between his son's mother, Tasha, and former high school classmate Amour. Life spins out of control for Derek after he loses his job, but everything changes when he bumps into pretty Amour -- and ends up in love. Will the secret that she's harboring destroy their relationship and send Derek back to Tasha?


  • Jerry LaMothe
  • Jamie Burton-Oare
  • Markee Adams
  • Stacy Hill
  • Universal
  • Ali A. Wahhab
  • Errol Kelly
  • Jonathan Anderson
  • Helen Williams
  • Marcus Allen
  • Nia Rock
  • Shaunta Macklin
  • Angela Nirvana
  • Shawn M. Richardz
  • Tammi Katherine Jones
  • Hassan Johnson
  • Tyler Bertaneau-Cadet
  • Julian Morton
  • Stephen Asaro
  • Stan Carp
  • Papa Smurf
  • Eric McKay
  • Mitch Roberson
  • Pakkay Ngai
  • Big Bob (R.I.P. Bigman)
  • Alana Koeber
  • Jennifer Michael
  • Dr. Bob Lee
  • Raul Rodriguez
  • Leyla Rosario
  • Darline Ulysse
  • Sianna Lyons
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