An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1982)

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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

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Titre original :

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

Durée :

1h 34min

Date de sortie :

February 1982

After finding her boss, a private detective, has committed suicide and has left her his agency, Cordelia Gray is asked to investigate the suicide of the man's son. During the course of her investigation, Cordelia becomes obsessed with the young man's memory and his increasingly suspicious death.


  • Pippa Guard
  • Billie Whitelaw
  • Paul Freeman
  • Dominic Guard
  • David Horovitch
  • Elizabeth Spriggs
  • Dawn Archibald
  • Bernadette Shortt
  • James Gilbey
  • Kelda Holmes
  • Margaret Wade
  • Alex Guard

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