Antonia et ses filles (1995)

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Titre original :


Durée :

1h 42min

Date de sortie :

September 1995

Budget (en $) :

900 000
Ecrit et réalisé par : Marleen Gorris

After World War II, Antonia and her daughter, Danielle, go back to their Dutch hometown, where Antonia's late mother has bestowed a small farm upon her. There, Antonia settles down and joins a tightly-knit but unusual community. Those around her include quirky friend Crooked Finger, would-be suitor Bas and, eventually for Antonia, a granddaughter and great-granddaughter who help create a strong family of empowered women.


  • Willeke van Ammelrooy
  • Els Dottermans
  • Dora van der Groen
  • Veerle van Overloop
  • Carolien Spoor
  • Esther Vriesendorp
  • Thyrza Ravesteijn
  • Mil Seghers
  • Jan Decleir
  • Elsie de Brauw
  • Reinout Bussemaker
  • Marina de Graaf
  • Wimie Wilhelm
  • Fran Waller Zeper

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