Big Dreams Little Tokyo (2006)

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Big Dreams Little Tokyo

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Titre original :

Big Dreams Little Tokyo

Durée :

1h 26min

Date de sortie :

January 2006
Ecrit et réalisé par : Dave Boyle

Big Dreams Little Tokyo is the story of Boyd, an American with an uncanny ability to speak Japanese. Boyd aspires to succeed in the world of Japanese business but finds himself mostly on the outside looking in. Meanwhile, his roommate Jerome, is a Japanese American who has always felt too American to be Japanese but too Japanese to be American. He aspires to be a sumo wrestler but finds his weight and blood pressure are thwarting his dreams. Together they struggle to find their place in a world where cultural identity is seldom what it seems.


  • Dave Boyle
  • Jayson Watabe
  • Rachel Morihiro
  • Michael Yama
  • Pepe Serna
  • James Kyson

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