Billy T James - Alive and Gigging (1990)

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Billy T James - Alive and Gigging

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Titre original :

Billy T James - Alive and Gigging

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

June 1990

In April 1990, Billy Taitoko James came back from years of ill health, and made a triumphant return to performing his unique brand of music and comedy. It was a last hurrah for James, whose transplanted heart gave out on him the following year, but it's a worthy swansong. His unique brand of humour is captured here at its affable, non-PC, best, with Billy T giving everything he's got - every gag is rounded off with his trademark 'bro' laugh - for a loudly appreciative audience. Guests include Sir Howard Morrison.


  • Howard Morrison
  • Billy T. James

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