Border Patrol (2000)

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Border Patrol

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Titre original :

Border Patrol

Durée :

1h 29min

Date de sortie :

March 2000

Even the dead need policemen. Meet the Border Patrol, which is to ensure that the law is enforced in the territory of the dead. These hard supernatural guards are responsible for sinners to face their destiny and that good are the creator. To Numan, a character who makes the laws are enforced in the gloomy abyss between the two worlds, the present case appears to be the most tremendous of his career, both his past life in New York, as now become the Patrullero Spooky Frontera . When chasing a serial murderer, Dr. Helms, Numan is forced to break the rules of Purgatory and ask for help to the police in Miami Chavez, a mortal. The union of these incredible allies soon becomes clear that Helms, a strange supernatural being generic, has the power to open the door to other territories, threatening the existence of Life and Death as we know it.


  • Michael DeLorenzo
  • Clayton Rohner
  • Lewis Fitz-Gerald
  • Mary Elkins
  • Bianca Nacson
  • Anthony Brandon Wong
  • Tony Harvey

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