BoyTown (2006)

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Durée :

1h 28min

Date de sortie :

October 2006

Recette (en $) :

3 Millions
Réalisé par : Kevin Carlin
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They were the hottest thing in the eighties, the pin-up boys on every teenage girl’s wall. And with hits like “Tough Titties” and “BoyTown”, they cemented their reputation as the biggest boy band on the planet. Now two decades later, BoyTown are back – they may be the Old Kids on the Block and a bit Out of Synch, but these Boys to Men are ready to suck in the gut, put on the pastels and get those middle aged women crying for more!


  • Glenn Robbins
  • Mick Molloy
  • Bob Franklin
  • Wayne Hope
  • Gary Eck
  • Sally Phillips
  • Lachy Hulme
  • Victoria Hill

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