Chasing Niagara (2016)

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Chasing Niagara

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Titre original :

Chasing Niagara

Durée :

1h 17min

Date de sortie :

July 2016
Réalisé par : Rush Sturges
Ecrit par :

When pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz makes the decision to paddle over Niagara Falls, he sets in motion an incredible series of events that eventually takes on a life of its own. To prepare for this mission, Rafa enlists the help of world-renowned paddler Rush Sturges and a tight team of their friends. Together they go on a remarkable three-year journey from the rainforest rivers of Mexico to the towering waterfalls of the U.S. Northwest. Their journey concludes in Canada where the team plays a cat-and-mouse game with local police before Rafa's mission comes to a heart-stopping climax at the iconic Falls.


  • Rafael Ortiz
  • Evan Garcia
  • Aniol Serrasolses
  • Gerd Serrasolses
  • Rush Sturges
  • Tyler Bradt
  • Kyle Hull
  • Erik Johnson
  • Mark LeBlanc
  • Blake Mahoney

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