concrete_savanna (2021)

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Durée :

1h 46min

Date de sortie :

February 2021
Réalisé par : Matthew Pye, Joshua Mitton
Ecrit par : ,

With barely any money and living out of her car, struggling travel vlogger Savanna Mills (Sarah Hitzel) is willing to do anything for fame and fortune no matter how dark or twisted. In her desperation, she seduces a drug addict into a dark ritual. Suddenly her luck changes and she lands a talent agent who wants her to expand her social media following and transition her into film and television. All seems to be going well until the disturbing visions she's struggled with since childhood return, forcing her down an even darker path. Can Savanna's luck continue or will her past catch up to her and destroy her dream of success?


  • Sarah Hitzel
  • Rajeev Jacob
  • Mia Matthews
  • Bianca Matthews
  • Gary Wayne Loper
  • Nick DeKay
  • Hannah Aslesen
  • Katherine Blanford
  • Lèa Boulch
  • Johnathan Gonzalez
  • Brent Jordan
  • Daniel Jordon
  • Paul Dae Kim
  • Kevin B. McGlynn
  • Vincenzo Mistretta
  • Christian Grey Moore
  • Auden Pye
  • Tyner Rushing
  • Leah Sessa
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