Crooked Earth (2001)

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Crooked Earth

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Titre original :

Crooked Earth

Date de sortie :

August 2001

Will Bastion returns home from the army after an absence of 20 years to bury his father, the former chief of thee Maori tribe, Ngati Kaipuku. The eldest son, he is reluctant to inherit his fathers role, so it is taken more willingly by his younger brother, Kahu. Kahu is the leader of a band of drug dealers and trouble-makers who ride horses through the middle of town, wrecking peoples gardens. Under the guise of refusal of a land settlement, Kahu makes a large marijuana deal with some murdering city folk. Will must choose between loyalty for his brother and his father, Maori tradition, and contemporary financial issues.


  • Temuera Morrison
  • Jaime Passier-Armstrong
  • Lawrence Makoare
  • Quinton Hita
  • Nancy Brunning
  • Mark Nua
  • Sydney Jackson
  • George Henare
  • Calvin Tuteao
  • Stan Wolfgramm
  • Sela Apera
  • William Davis
  • Eliza Bidois
  • Mabel Wharekawa
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Ross Duncan
  • Anaru Grant
  • Arthur Ranford
  • Jason Nathan
  • Lionel Waaka
  • Slade Leef
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