Crushed (2015)

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January 2015

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2015-12-23 02:55:39 Maj film
Ecrit et réalisé par : Megan Riakos

The deeper the root, the darker the secret.

After her father dies in an eerie accident at the family's winery, Ellia returns home from the big city to tend to the remaining members of her disaffected family. The death is eventually ruled a homicide, with Ellia’s mother emerging as the prime suspect. Ellia takes matters into her own hands, compelled to discover the true story behind her father’s death. But the family and small-town secrets that emerge are more than she bargained for. Australia’s stunning wine country is the backdrop for this thrilling murder mystery from Director Megan Riakos.


  • Sarah Bishop
  • Roxane Wilson
  • Les Hill
  • Millie Spencer-Brown
  • Remy Brand
  • Jamie Irvine
  • Aaron Glenane
  • Robert Preston
  • Helmut Bakaitis
  • Patrick Connolly

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