Das Beste kommt erst (2009)

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Das Beste kommt erst

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Titre original :

Das Beste kommt erst

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

May 2009

In the Austrian first broadcast: For his life he said to others where to go. That shouldn't change on the 70th birthday. The screw manufacturer Karl Mailinger asked his four children. In his mountain hut in the Bavarian Alps, the eager Anna, eco-fan Tom, the coke addicted broker Vincent and the unsuccessful artist Miriam learn that her father wants to marry his maid. When Karl suffers a collapse, the conflicts in the family open. All suffer from the defiant patriarch ...


  • Sophie von Kessel
  • Friedrich von Thun
  • Petra Schmidt-Schaller
  • Anneke Schwabe
  • Eisi Gulp
  • Marc Hosemann
  • Fabian Hinrichs
  • Sven Gielnik

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