Dead Guys (2002)

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Dead Guys

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Titre original :

Dead Guys

Durée :

1h 58min

Date de sortie :

September 2002
Réalisé par : Alex Dove

Someone is killing off all the hot guys in the neighborhood, their mutalated bodies turning up throughout Jackson Street. Slake and his dim-witted partner, Caleb work their way through an assortment of exotic dancers, delivery boys and corporate lawyers. Investigating the gruesome murders is detective Jared Stone who is prepared to find out who the killer is


  • Brett Silvers
  • Leo Masters
  • Justin Ashill
  • James Angelo
  • Clint Ashley
  • Gideon Banner
  • Greg Bowles
  • Creed Bowlen
  • G.T. Dave
  • Gary Hand
  • Jim Hazelton
  • Christian Reece

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