Den perfekte muslim (2009)

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Den perfekte muslim

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Titre original :

Den perfekte muslim

Durée :

0h 58min

Date de sortie :

November 2009
Réalisé par : Fenar Ahmad

Nikolai Lang and his one man think tank Danish Center for Integration Analysis (DCIA) has decided to end the Danish debate about integration once and for all. His goal is to find the Danish ideal for the Perfect Danish Muslim. He then wants to introduce all Danish Muslims to this ideal. Nikolai Lang takes a scientific approach in order to understand the Danes. He wants to avoid the usual media and policy spin. He uses focus groups and telephone interviews. He questions experts in Danish culture - and presents his results for a group of young second generation immigrants in Gellerup Parken in Århus. Are they ready to follow his 10 rules for perfect integration? The director, Fenar Ahmad, whose family came to Denmark from Iraq, follows Nikolai Lang's investigation and at the same time he investigates his own personal encounter with Denmark.

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