Der Philosoph (1989)

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Der Philosoph

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Titre original :

Der Philosoph

Durée :

1h 23min

Date de sortie :

May 1989
Réalisé par : Rudolf Thome, Irmela Baumert
Ecrit par :

The obscure philosopher Georg Hermes almost withdrew from the world to concentrate on his studies, especially Heraclitus, having no relationship since his mother's death. When he wants a new suit for a lecture (actually very minor) about his new book, he meets the sisters Franziska, Breate and Marthe, who run a boutique, share a house and have a lover each. Those invite Georg to dinner, Franziska even on dates. Falling off a boat he gets naked with her, and they become lovers. The girls all take to Hermes and get him to move in, spoiled by all and offered polygamy.


  • Johannes Herrschmann
  • Adriana Altaras
  • Friederike Tiefenbacher
  • Claudia Matschulla
  • Jürgen Wink
  • Werner Gerber
  • Marquard Bohm

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