El diario íntimo de una cabaretera (1989)

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El diario íntimo de una cabaretera

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Titre original :

El diario íntimo de una cabaretera

Durée :

1h 37min

Date de sortie :

December 1989

Martha is a single woman who becomes pregnant and commits suicide after giving birth to a pair of twins, Jessica and Angelica, who are adopted separately. Years later, Angelica becomes a lawyer working for the mafia. Jessica, who was adopted by a prostitute, has become a criminal and is now arrested for the murder of her husband. In prison she tries to be friends with the director without success and she has to pay her sentence.


  • Angélica Chain
  • Hugo Stiglitz
  • Pedro Infante Jr.
  • Lina Santos
  • Jeannette Mass
  • Jacaranda Alfaro
  • Ana Luisa Peluffo
  • Lorena Herrera
  • Michelle Mayer
  • Alicia Camps
  • Oralia Olvera
  • Claudio Báez
  • César Bono
  • Roberto Ballesteros
  • Roberto Palazuelos
  • Agustín González
  • Clarissa Ahuet
  • Tito Guillén
  • Ivonne Cussy
  • Héctor Reynoso
  • Mario del Río
  • Antonio Zubiaga
  • Antonio Tostado
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