El hombre que estaba allí (2013)

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El hombre que estaba allí

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Titre original :

El hombre que estaba allí

Durée :

0h 30min

Date de sortie :

May 2013

The Spanish journalist Manuel Chaves Nogales (1897-1944) was always there where the news broke out: in the fratricidal Spain of 1936, in Bolshevik Russia, in Fascist Italy, in Nazi Germany, in occupied Paris or in the bombed London of World War II; because his job was to walk, see and tell stories, and thus fight against tyrants, at a time when it was necessary to take sides in order not to be left alone; but he, a man of integrity to the bitter end, never did so.


  • Luis Camacho
  • Rafael Díaz
  • Eduardo Estrada
  • Ramón Soria Breña
  • Clara Irina Torrente
  • Diego de la Serna
  • Pilar Chaves Jones
  • María Isabel Cintas
  • Jorge Martínez Reverte
  • Antonio Muñoz Molina
  • Andrés Trapiello
  • Niceto Alcalá-Zamora
  • Juan Belmonte
  • Manuel Chaves Nogales
  • Joseph Goebbels
  • Adolf Hitler

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