Emotional Backgammon (2003)

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Emotional Backgammon

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Titre original :

Emotional Backgammon

Durée :

1h 33min

Date de sortie :

August 2003
Réalisé par : Leon Herbert
Ecrit par : ,

John thinks life is just perfect. He's in what he considers a solid relationship with girlfriend Mary and his job as a tailor suits him down to the ground. To put the icing on the cake he's about to ask Mary to marry him over the dinner which John has cooked especially. With the ring ready for Mary's hand, John is unprepared for Mary announcing that she's leaving him to find herself.


  • Wil Johnson
  • Daniela Lavender
  • Leon Herbert
  • Bob Mercer
  • Steve Weston
  • Steve Edwin
  • Dee Cannon

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