Fascination mortelle (2016)

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The Follower

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Titre original :

The Follower

Durée :

1h 29min

Date de sortie :

April 2016

Site officiel :

Ecrit et réalisé par : Damián Romay

Tragedy strikes when Chelsea's flight back home crashes in the wilderness. The only other urvivor of the crash, Evelyn King, who just so happens to be a huge fan of Chelsea, pulls her to safety. As Evelyn cares for Chelsea's wounds, she becomes increasingly obsessive. Chelsea begins to realize that her caretaker may have more sinister plans in store and she must find a way to overcome her injuries in order to escape from Evelyn, whose insane adoration may ultimately be Chelsea's demise.


  • Erika Christensen
  • Douglas M. Griffin
  • Han Soto
  • Thomas Francis Murphy
  • John L. Armijo
  • Wes McGee
  • Val Lauren
  • Bethany Lauren James
  • Jason Kirkpatrick
  • GiGi Erneta

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