Fistful of Flies (1997)

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Fistful of Flies

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Titre original :

Fistful of Flies

Durée :

1h 24min

Date de sortie :

July 1997

Sixteen-year-old Mars wants more from her life than just a fistful of flies which, to her, is a fistful of nothing. Stifled and dominated by her family, Mars just wants to be free. Denied relationships with the people who truly understand her, Mars battles her family on her own, and in her quest to be treated as a grown-up she gives her mother the courage to act and forces her father to make the choice of his life. A story about how a young girl finally finds the courage to have faith in herself.


  • Dina Panozzo
  • Tasma Walton
  • Maria Venuti
  • John Lucantonio
  • Anna Volska
  • Danielle Grima
  • Eamon Davern
  • Giordano Gangl
  • Rosalba Paris
  • Mario Gamma
  • Tony Poli
  • Rachael Maza Long
  • Cathren Michalak
  • Michael Tama

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