For Love or Money (2014)

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For Love or Money

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Titre original :

For Love or Money

Durée :

1h 20min

Date de sortie :

April 2014

Budget (en $) :

500 000

Recette (en $) :

9 Millions
Réalisé par : Roger Melvin
Ecrit par :

Tina seems to have it all: booming business, lots of money, and a great man, Russell, that loves her. So it was no surprised when she was nominated for Mocha Magazine's Woman of year. But with one false move from her shady accountant, her award, business, and money may be gone forever. But when Russell can only offer affection, Tina runs to her rich ex, Jacoby, for financial support. Now she must decide if her pursuit should be For Love or Money.


  • Denise Boutte
  • Lavell Crawford
  • Bokeem Woodbine
  • Thomas Mikal Ford
  • Brely Evans
  • 劉雨軒
  • Skye P. Marshall

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