Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius (1950)

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Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius

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Titre original :

Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius

Durée :

1h 32min

Date de sortie :

January 1950

In the face of two world wars, Professor Prätorius, a philanthropist and a surgeon, wants to exterminate the one danger to mankind, the microbe of stupidity, as he states in a spontaneous lecture to his male and female students. When he tries to help a pregnant girl he gets involved more and more in her life and is forced to marry her.


  • Curt Goetz
  • Valerie von Martens
  • Albert Florath
  • Erich Ponto
  • Bruno Hübner
  • Rudolf Reiff
  • Paul Mederow
  • Hedwig Wangel
  • Gertrud Wolle
  • Eugen Dumont

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